If you’re wondering who I am…

Photo credit: John Kirnan

… I guess what you might be expecting to see on this page would be a synopsis of my life and interests. I think my version of it would tend to change according to what my frame of mind was in any given chapter of my life — or any given moment of my day — and which elements it would select as highlights worth mentioning out of the bulk to ignore or keep private.

So today, for instance, I’m not able to choose a storyline to tell. I’ll refer you, instead, to the content of the site — which may be a more accurate reflection of who I am anyway — and to the various profiles and About Me pages I have elsewhere.

Among my own sites, these are the ones that have About Us pages:

I also have profile pages on the following:

The B&W photo on this page was taken by my friend, writer/musician John Kirnan, in 1991 or 1992. The photo in the header is from 2014.

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